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Job TitleDivisionJob CodeLocationRequisition RegionDate
Bartender-Adas on the RiverARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCBARTENDADAAda’s on the River 12/05/2020
Bartender-Barca Wine & PierARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCBARTENBARCBarca Wine & Pier 12/05/2020
Bartender-Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCBARTENDTUCafe Tu Tu Tango 01/01/2020
Bartender-MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCBARTENDMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Bartender-Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCBARTRMIAORMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Bartender-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCBARTDMIAVAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Bartender-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCBARTENDP22Palette 22 11/01/2020
Bartender-TheismannsRestaurantARP-1800 LLCBARTENDJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Bartender-Volas Dockside GrillARP WATERFRONT LLCBARTENDVOLVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
Busser-Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCBUSSERTUTUCafe Tu Tu Tango 11/01/2020
Busser-MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCBUSSERMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Busser-Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCBUSMIAORMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Busser-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCBUSSRMIAVAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Busser-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCBUSSERP22Palette 22 11/01/2020
Busser-Theismanns RestaurantARP-1800 LLCBUSSERJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Busser-Volas Dockside GrillARP WATERFRONT LLCBUSSERVOLAVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
Bussers and FoodRunners Adas on the RiverARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCSA_ADASAda’s on the River 12/05/2020
Bussers and FoodRunners Barca Wine & PierARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCSA_BARCABarca Wine & Pier 12/05/2020
Chef Partner BARCAARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCCPBARCABarca Wine & Pier 11/01/2020
Chef Partner TheismannsARP-1800 LLCCP JTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Dishwasher-Adas on the RiverARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCDISHADASAda’s on the River 12/05/2020
Dishwasher-Barca Wine & PierARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCDISHBARCABarca Wine & Pier 12/05/2020
DishWasher-Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCDISHTUTUCafe Tu Tu Tango 11/01/2020
DishWasher-MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCDISHMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
DishWasher-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCDISHMIAVAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
DishWasher-Mias ItalianOrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCDISHMIAORMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
DishWasher-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCDISHPAL22Palette 22 11/01/2020
DishWasher-TheismannsRestARP-1800 LLCDISHJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
DishWasher-VOLASARP WATERFRONT LLCDISHVOLASVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
Executive Chef BARCAARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCECBarcaBarca Wine & Pier 11/01/2020
General Manager MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCGM_MAJESTIThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Host-Adas on the RiverARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCHOST ADASAda’s on the River 12/05/2020
Host-Barca Wine & PierARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCHOST BARCABarca Wine & Pier 12/05/2020
Host-Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCHOSTTANGOCafe Tu Tu Tango 01/01/2020
Host-MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCHOSTMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Host-Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCHOSTMIKOMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Host-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCHOSTMIKAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Host-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCHOSTPAL22Palette 22 11/01/2020
Host-Theismanns RestaurantARP-1800 LLCHOSTJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Host-VolasARP WATERFRONT LLCHOSTVOLASVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
Line Cook-Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCLINECTUTUCafe Tu Tu Tango 11/01/2020
Line Cook-MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCLINECMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Line Cook-Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCLINECMIAORMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Line Cook-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCLINECMIKAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Line Cook-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCLINECPAL22Palette 22 11/01/2020
Line Cook-TheismannsRestaurantARP-1800 LLCLINECJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Line Cook-VolasARP WATERFRONT LLCLCOOKVOLASVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
LineCook- Barca Wine & PierARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCLCOOKBARCABarca Wine & Pier 11/01/2020
LineCook-AdasARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCLCOOKADASAda’s on the River 11/01/2020
Manager - ADASARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCMNGRADASAda’s on the River 11/01/2020
Manager - Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCMGRTUCafe Tu Tu Tango 11/01/2020
Manager - MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCMNGRMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Manager - Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCMNGRMIKOMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Manager - Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCMNGRMIKAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Manager - TheismannsRestaurantARP-1800 LLCMNGRJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Manager - VOLAsARP WATERFRONT LLCMNGRVOLASVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
Manager -Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCMNGRP22Palette 22 11/01/2020
Managing Partner BARCAARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCMPBARCABarca Wine & Pier 11/01/2020
Prep Cook-Adas on the RiverARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCPREPADASAda’s on the River 12/05/2020
Prep Cook-Barca Wine & PierARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCPREPBARCABarca Wine & Pier 12/05/2020
Prep Cook-Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCPCOOKTUTUCafe Tu Tu Tango 11/01/2020
Prep Cook-MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCPCOOKMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Prep Cook-Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCPCOOKMIKOMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Prep Cook-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCPCOOKMIKAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Prep Cook-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCPCOOKPAL22Palette 22 11/01/2020
Prep Cook-TheismannsRestaurantARP-1800 LLCPRPCOOKJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Prep Cook-VolasARP WATERFRONT LLCPCOOKVOLASVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
Server-Adas on the RiverARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCSERVER ADAAda’s on the River 12/05/2020
Server-Barca Wine & PierARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCSERVERBARCBarca Wine & Pier 12/05/2020
Server-Cafe Tu Tu TangoTU TU GOOD, LLCSERVTUTUCafe Tu Tu Tango 11/01/2020
Server-MajesticARP-MAJESTIC LLCSERVMAJThe Majestic 11/01/2020
Server-Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCSERVMIKOMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Server-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCSERVMIKAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Server-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCSERVPAL22Palette 22 11/01/2020
Server-Theismanns RestaurantARP-1800 LLCSERVERJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Server-VolasARP WATERFRONT LLCSERVERVOLAVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020
Sous Chef-Adas on the RiverARP ROBINSON OPCO LLCSOUSADASAda’s on the River 12/05/2020
Sous Chef-Mias Italian OrlandoARP 8717 INTERNATIONAL LLCSOUSMIKOMias Italian Kitchen-Orlando-F 11/01/2020
Sous Chef-Mias Italian VAARP 100 KING LLCSOUSMIKAMias Italian Kitchen-Alexandri 11/01/2020
Sous Chef-Palette 22V2 TANGO LLCSCHEFPALPalette 22 11/01/2020
Sous Chef-TheismannsRestaurantARP-1800 LLCSOUSJTRTheismanns Restaurant 11/01/2020
Sous Chef-VOLASARP WATERFRONT LLCSOUSVOLASVolas Dockside Grill and Hi-Ti 11/01/2020